Frudia is a combination of the words "fruit" and "dia." Dia, which comes from the Greek word meaning "through" or "from," describes the process by which Frudia mimics nature to nourish the skin.

Frudia products hydrate and nourish the skin by adding only ingredients that are packed with healthy antioxidants. The brand has created four skincare collections, each based on the benefits of a unique fruit.
- The green collection is derived from green grapes and is designed for pore control. The Green Grape Pore Control Serum helps you by balancing your sebum production and guaranteeing you shiny, smooth skin.
- The pink collection is derived from pomegranates to combat aging. The Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Serum fights wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen synthesis.
- The yellow line is derived from citrus fruits for brightening the skin. The Citrus Brightening Serum helps dull skin regain its radiance through the natural power of Jeju Tangerine. The vitamin C evens out your complexion and reduces pigmentation.
- The purple line derived from blueberries for intense hydration. The Blueberry Hydrating Serum relieves dryness and energizes skin with the vibrant energy of blueberries.

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