Honeysu offers vegan, organic, and natural Korean beauty curated by you. We believe in empowerment through honest information about ingredients, formulas, and cosmetics' performance. The products we love are safe and certified in the EU (CPNP). Against animal testing. Plant-power always


K-beauty unites the power of natural formulas, advanced technology, and expertise in flawless skin. The Korean approach to beauty is like nothing you've experienced. Koreans love slow skincare, multifunctional solutions, and age harmony. It is about achieving your best skin - and gracefully welcoming the passage of time

What our customers think

I love shopping at Honeysu! They're friendly and even gave me some nice extra's.

Diane V.

I needed a present for my friend. They recommended some good products and delivered it in time, even though it was very last minute! My friend was really happy!

Veronica D.

They have a great selection of products. Once I didn't find what I needed but they sourced it for me and are now offering also!

Ayleen M.