Missha 12x Airy Fit Masks

  • Not 1 but 12 amazing masks for any day of the week. Missha Airy Fit Sheet Masks will conquer your heart (and face)

  • #Rice - Ultra nourishing rice mask for supple skin. Intensively moisturizing.  

    #Potato -  This mask helps fade pigmentation marks, make the skin radiant and soothe sensitive skin.

    #Lemon - Containing lemon extract rich in brightening properties. Also softens dull skin.

    #Cucumber - Highly moisturizing mask for dry skin, it helps to provide soft and bouncy texture to the face.

    #Honey - Packed with vitamins, minerals and essential amino-acids, this mask improves skin texture and vitality for more radiance.

    #Red Ginseng - A boost of elasticity and firmness for ageing skin. Red ginseng is rich in nutrition to make skin healthy and beautiful.

    #Pomegranate - Fight fatigue and premature aging with this dreamy mask, powered with anti-oxidants and nutritious ingredients. 

    #Shea Butter - Excellent moisturizing shea butter is the solution to dry and chapped skin. This ultra-repairing mask is a must-have. 

    #Aloe - Soothe and calm sensitive skin with aloe vera. This hydrating and balancing mask is amazing at any occasion. 

    #Green Tea - Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, green tea is a go-to ingredient in Kbeauty and you can't miss it.

    #Tea Tree - Oil-control? Tea tree fights inflammation and improves acne flares in a split second. 

    #Pearl- Soften skin texture with pearl extracts. A boost of radiance and vitality in a mask. 

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