Review: Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

June 20, 2017 4 min read 0 Comments

Review: Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

It's time to talk about one the best Kbeauty creations: peeling pads! I was looking for something I could use in rushed days and that could give me a fresh sensation. When your skin is prone to blackheads and acne, keeping it clear is a continuous effort. While there is some trusted anti-acne skincare out there (Benton, I'm talking about you! #love), I was always asking for a peeling solution that would be both easy-to-use but with some extra benefits. Thanks to Missha, I've found the one!

Peeling pads = life made simpler

The thing with peelings is that, well, they remove dead skin but that's about it. Multifunctional skincare, or products that do more than just one thing, are here to stay. With people always on the go, it's not always simple to find the time you wish you had to care for yourself. I share your pain! And that's why I'm sure you'll be happy to hear about these double-function pads. Many of us are exfoliating for one major reason: remove accumulated skin and debris from our skin in order to avoid breakouts.

Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

That’s why an exfoliating + anti-acne product was so much needed. These two functions go hand-in-hand and so many people need them right now in their lives! I’m sure Missha consulted with real humans like us to ask about what they truly wanted in their skincare before coming up with these genius pads! On top of exfoliating softly, Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad has turbo anti-acne properties, and I've noticed a huge difference on my breakouts since making these a staple in my routine. 

Why it rocks

Let’s talk results first (just to shake things a little). These pads are the bomb. If you’re battling acne, have those days when your skin thinks you’re still 13, or are still traumatised by all that acne fury that went on when you were a teen, this thing is the real deal. It contains safe concentrations of BHA and AHA (naturally occurring substances often extracted from willow tree bark and fruits), known anti-bacterial acids that fight acne.

Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

Now, there are many products with BHA and AHA out there, but if you are past the acne days, it may be a tad too strong to go on with a true anti-acne solution. You rather be investing in some anti-wrinkle products, am I right? That’s why I like these so much. It gives me just the right amount of anti-acne goodies without taking over too much of my almost-30-years-old skincare regime (which is all about fermented stuff, EGF, and hyaluronic acid, if you know what I mean). If acne is lingering a little longer, Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad comes as an addition to your mission against acne. They’re versatile, convenient, and effective.

PHA Magic

But BHA and AHA can leave your skin feeling a bit sensitive…And yes, acne-prone sensitive skin is a true struggle! That’s why I was very interested by Missha’s addition of PHA in this product. PHA is another type of Alpha hydroxy acid (just like BHA and AHA, that’s what the HA stands for! Got it?), but has a smaller molecular size, making it easier to be absorbed by your skin. Because PHA is more easily absorbed, it is also less likely to cause irritation! That’s another score for Missha. PHA is a new trend in skincare and Koreans are all over it, rightfully so! The presence of PHA is one of the reasons why these pads rock in keeping acne at bay. Let’s not forget that BHA, AHA and PHA also deliver anti-aging results, making these not just fundamental for those battling clogged pores but also for anyone looking for renewed skin all year round.

Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

When to use

It’s easy to incorporate these pads in your skincare regime. I like to use them right after cleansing (either in the morning or in the evening), even though it would be perfectly fine to use them after your regular toner. The reason why I love to use them after double-cleansing is because they help remove tiny particles and whatever stubborn residue may still be around, especially at the end of the day. Using the pads before your cleanser will help bring the pH of your skin down and back to healthy levels, due to the concentration of BHA, AHA, and PHA. While not coined a makeup remover, I was happy to see these pads do a great job at removing makeup by themselves. You gotta be creative on lazy days, right? If I’m not double cleansing, be sure these pads will go right after my face is washed. They let my skin breathe and that’s priceless!

Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad

Packaging and application

The package is a large pot with 60 individual pads. If your skin is sensitive, use it no more than once a day. That should last you about 2 months. You’ll notice the pads are embossed, and the texture imprinted truly helps by making the pads gentler. When applying the pads, the secret is to place it through your fingers. Have you noticed how Koreans use cotton pads on their faces? Exactly! So no rubbing in circular motions or anything that reminds you how westerners use makeup removers. The secret is to use these are they were gentle wipes. Avoid friction and swipe the pads over your skin, making sure to clean the corners of your nose.

Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad


I’m loving these pads from day one. After using them for the first time, I realized they fit right into my routine and remove the need for stronger anti-acne products. That way I can focus on products that deliver other (anti-aging and brightening) results for my skin, but manage to avoid breakouts. My skin has achieved balance through the continuous use of these pads and I truly recommend them to anyone who has a history of acne or is still busy with fighting it.

You'll fall in love with Missha Super Aqua Smooth Skin Peeling Pad because:

  • it exfoliates and removes excess debris
  • it leaves skin feeling refreshed and pores unclogged
  • it reduces acne inflammation
  • it removes and prevents blackheads and whiteheads

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