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Review: Dr.G A-Clear Aroma Spot Toner

July 21, 2016 0 Comments

Review: Dr.G A-Clear Aroma Spot Toner

Among the hundred of things I had planned for today, writing this review wasn’t one of them. But things took an unexpected turn, as it often happens in life. A quick glance at the mirror after waking up and a shock: that tiny reddish bump had turned into an angry, full-blown pimple overnight! Sometimes I think my skin senses I am a little on the edge and gifts me a few zits to test my sanity. On days like these, you need a quick weapon at hand. So I took a deep breath and reached out to one of my lifesavers, Dr.G A-Clear Aroma Spot Toner (€14.50). And I'm so glad I did it. 

Dr.G A-Clear Spot Toner Honeysu

Dr.G is one of the largest skin care brands in the world of cosmeceuticals. For those who are wondering about the terminology, cosmeceuticals are a sort of a hybrid between cosmetics and topical treatment. Dr.G, a brand from Gowoonsesang labs and dermatology group, shares the cosmeceuticals philosophy and creates cosmetics that treat skin concerns from a medical and esthetical standpoint. One should recall that many of our skin care problems are true pathologies and should be treated that way. That is certainly the case with acne and inflammations, for which I prefer to rely on dermatological knowledge.

Some people have blemishes sporadically. Others know exactly what triggers a pimple. Finally, there is a group of persons who have acquired expert knowledge on acne due to a long-life struggle against troubled skin. I belong to the third crowd. In recent years, however, my skin has become much clearer and a full-Korean routine adapted for my oily, sensitive skin, has done me wonders. Today, I am no longer afraid of leaving the house without foundation and I can also anticipate my skin needs and behavior (and prevent skin concerns accordingly). Yet, I can’t help but watching a few pimples pop here and there at a certain time of the month (or after excessively indulging in Belgian chocolate, what happens about the same time, right?). You get the idea. Hormonal acne is tough and hard to control. But today I have a powerful ally I know I can trust when my skin is working against me. 

Buy Dr.G A-Clear Spot Toner Honeysu

As soon as I saw this cystic pimple this morning, I knew I needed my Dr.G A-Clear Aroma Spot Toner to the rescue. Normally, a pimple like this will sit on my face for a couple days before fading, unfortunately. And today, I felt like I deserved better. Dr.G A-Clear toner is a spot-treatment that promises immediate relief and reduces blemishes in a matter of hours. The formula (cosdna), contrary to many acne-treatments out there, is free of harsh ingredients, rich in botanical extracts, and suitable for sensitive skin. Ah, that's music to my ears!

Dr.G A-Clear Spot Toner Honeysu Korean Skin Care

Acne treatment Honeysu Korean Skin Care Cosmetics

By spot-treatment, Dr.G means this is not your usual toner. It is meant to be applied topically on the troubled area only because acne inflammation requires special attention and the ingredients that will kill the zit might cause adverse reactions on other untroubled areas of your face. Noted. With the help of a cotton bud, I spread the solution over the angry pimple and some other red bumps, hoping to reduce the first and prevent new breakouts. I recommend repeating this procedure during the day, if you have the time and the chance. The solution is anti-inflammatory and stops the bacterial infection from spreading to other areas of your face (= it will prevent new pimples in the troubled area). Because you are only using this as a spot-treatment, the 40ml will last you a long, long time. 

The final result surprised me. In the first picture, right after waking up, the pimple is at its peak (and somehow painful). After 7h (second picture), the blemish had severely dried out and was much less noticeable. 12h after the first application (third picture), I knew I had won the battle and would wake up happy the next morning. No filters, no makeup. 

Acne treatment Honeysu Korean Skin Care Cosmetics

 Acne treatment Honeysu Korean Skin Care Cosmetics

Acne treatment Honeysu Korean Skin Care Cosmetics


There are many pimple pads and spot-treatments out there that promise a lot just to fall short of expectation. I'm happy to know I have found a winner product I can rely on and recommend to everyone. This product is a wonderful option if:

  • you need a fast, SOS solution for an acne breakout
  • you want to prevent acne scars 
  • you want a safe, harsh-free treatment
  • you want great value for money

Find Dr.G A-Clear Aroma Spot Toner (€14.50) available at Honeysu and benefit from free shipping in the EU (plus NO and CH) on all orders above €50.

Don't forget to check our entire range of Dr.G products.  

Note: never, ever pop a pimple, especially if you happen to have sensitive skin. It might up not only leaving behind a scar, but also worsening the inflammation! 


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