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Review: Cremorlab T.E.N. Mineral Treatment Essence

July 25, 2016 0 Comments

Review: Cremorlab T.E.N. Mineral Treatment Essence

A cult essence to hydrate, plump, and brighten the skin, Cremorlab T.E.N. Mineral Treatment Essence (€48.99) is a true gem and one of my top favourite Korean skin care products. Cremorlab creates formulas and packaging that get straight to your heart. The selection of products we handpicked reveal the very best of this private premium brand that has gained a fixed place in the skin care routine of beauty guru Michelle Phan. One of the secrets behind Cremorlab’s creations lies in their use of T.E.N. Thermal Water, an exclusive mineral-rich water extracted from Korea’s wilderness. Another reason why this brand became a cult-favorite is its predilection for floral elements, making this a flower-power brand whose fragrant products are simply extraordinary. 

Cremorlab Mineral Essence Honeysu

If you are new to Korean beauty, and most Europeans are, you should know essences are the missing element in your skin care routine. Essences, often praised as the heart of K-beauty, are fluid lotions abounding in active ingredients. One of the reasons why essences are a seminal step in Korean skin care is the easiness in which they are absorbed by our skin. Ever wondered why you couldn’t apply 3 creams on top of each other? While you might never have attempted to do so, the logic is simple: our skin is a true barrier and its function is to repel substances from penetrating its inner layers. As you may figure out, our skin is more amenable to let liquids get through than it is to creams and thicker substances. That’s where essences have the upper hand and might help you conquer supple, firm, and bright skin.

The ingredient list is marvelous to say the least. I can simply describe this essence as flower water, because that’s how it feels on the skin: sumptuous and delicate at the same time. Besides various flower extracts for exceptional hydration, this essence is boosted with fermented yeast extract (anti-aging) and niacinamide (brightening). We can all benefit from less lines and pigmentation marks, right?

Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence Review Honeysu

After using this essence for over a month, my skin is noticeably brighter and my pores are more refined. Overall, there is a distinguished improvement in skin texture and I feel naked if I skip this essence in my daily routine. Although light, the product is distinctively hydrating. When I encounter products as rare as this, it is easy to understand why flawless skin stems from great products and skin care commitment rather than corrective treatments. Preventive skin care is the secret key to graceful aging and I know my Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence is with me for the long term.

Buy Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence Honeysu

Buy Korean Skin Care Cremorlab Honeysu

The translucent fluid can be easily applied with your finger or with a cotton pad. Currently, our Cremorlab Essence is accompanied by a set of high-end cotton pads that are perfect for skin care application. I have a penchant for applying skin care, especially essences and toners, with my fingertips. This cotton pads, however, are something to be cherished. This outstanding Korean essence comes in an impressive 270ml bottle, what should last you many months ahead. A premium product in a generous volume is a divine combination, I must confess. When compared to other products of the same class, the Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence offers an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.

Buy Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence Europe Honeysu

This product causes zero irritation or redness when coupled with other non-irritating skin care products. On the contrary, this essence is extremely soothing and leaves a smooth, silky feeling behind. I’ve found this to be particularly suitable for oily and combination skin types, which often struggle to find adequate moisturizers and cosmetics that won’t sit on top of the skin. The delicate perfume of this essence is calming and luxurious. I can truly feel the richness of a thousand flowers covering my skin. 

The Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence is a fantastic product if:

  • you are looking for something to transform your simplified cleanser-toner-cream routine,
  • you want a multitasking essence that is refreshing and perfect for the summer
  • you want to hydrate your oily or combination skin to perfection
  • you want to improve skin texture, pore size, and skin tone
  • you want to prevent early aging and dryness

This essence is also highly recommended for dry and normal skin, but make sure to pair it with a hero serum or cream for increased moisturizing effects.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know what you think of Cremorlab and its iconic essence in the comments! 

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